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Yes, the same peepel that got out from under their rock after Celtic fell to a heavy PSG defeat in Paris have FINALLY started to be introspective – kind of.

After their team got beat AGAIN last night from a Neil McCann side, some bears took to the internet, to well, em, vent and strategize.

This tweet below might sound ludicrous but it’s their only chance of living with us. As a famous Glaswegian amatuer commentator once said – ‘If in doubt, cheat your way out – It’s the Rangers Way.


Celtic won’t be able to capitalise on the points dropped just yet as they have to play a Cup Final this weekend. It’s a tough life! 😀


  1. Nae surprise in anything that comes from a Zombies Dome…They are known the World Over as Dirty Cheating Scum.There problem is,They Think they are Oldco.And there lies the Zombie Problem,When infact the Oldco are spinning in there grave at this utter keek impersonating another Utter Keek.Just about Every Real RainJurz man stated,They wished the New RainJurz every success.Like TocTic says,They are well n truly DUNDEID!!!!!HH

  2. Candidate for new Sevco manager. He-s a crook, a liar, ignorant and available after his last long contract.He will also be cheap…. MUGABE………………..

  3. Yet one of their comments on how hearing of a Celtic defeat while at Ibrox produced little reaction from their supporters but every week it seems we write lengthy articles reveling in their misery. As if they are the same club as died five years ago. A sign thaqt we really think they are irrelevant and we have moved on will be these articles no longer appearing. But it seems some Celtic supporters need them as much as the Oldco mob do. How very strange.

  4. So John you really believe what that zombie fuck says. coz I certainly don’t. All I ever remember was them laughing at us coz we wur never a challenge to them. You should just stop coming on these sites and reading the articles if you feel like that HH ???

  5. John seems your a Sour Dour Man….We bask in there Pain.I remember the Hun Hoardes lapoing it right up and Doing Our huddle at Paradise when the Corruptables won the League….It seems your a Strange one or a Closet Hun.Either Way.Cheer Up it wont be long now till Sevcolona are Deid(Again)I for one am absolutely Over The Moon that this Big Sweaty Boil of a Club is in Dire Misery.It needs put Down,And very Slowly.HH and GIRUTSOC

  6. Moved On????The day We As Celtic Supporters,Move On,John.Is the day that Cheating Corrupt Vile Club is held to task for Every Single Corruptable last Crook thing it Done.And is held accountable For.Then and only then,Must We MOVE ON!!!!!

  7. Rangers culture, where do we go from here? it down to the lake I fear aye aye aye ya ya ya, and fuckin jump in! Only time you bastids will have been in water for years


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