Where did that come from?

The question many Celtic fans, as well as myself, were asking after the game against Dundee on Saturday.

Scott Sinclair’s performance on the day was reminiscent of the invincible season – it was that good.

Instead of looking laboured, out of ideas and looking for the simple pass, the Englishman raced down the wing all day, taking on all comers who wanted to stop him.

The frustration around Scott’s form over the past 18-months has been there. Everybody saw how could he was in his first season, and since then he’s failed to recapture that form. On Saturday, the attacking midfielder found his confidence, and once he did, there was no stopping him.

The players link up play with Johnston, Izzy, Rogic and his willingness to beat defenders was an absolute joy to watch.

This was a Sinclair full of self-belief and maybe a player who recognised he had to help lead a very young team.

If the midfielder can keep Saturday’s form going, it’s an old cliche, but it really would feel like a new signing.

Having sat on the bench for the last couple of Glasgow Derbies, could Scott be the man to torment Gers players at Ibrox as he has done in the past?

I hope so!


  1. It would help quite a bit if you all got off the guy’s back. He has never stopped being a smashing player. His form can be affected by circumstances. Hold on to that thought and keep giving him the support he deserves. I am always pleased to see Scotty in the team.


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