HAS STUART ARMSTRONG given a big hint he sees his future at Celtic after admitting he’s focussing on being as fit as possible for the new season above all else?

The Celtic midfielder is entering into the last year of his deal having only signed a short term extension last summer.

Many have speculated Armstrong will head out when the window opens if he doesn’t sign a new deal but the player himself is just looking to be ready after having a below par season this year.

“I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself for next season, it is just about making sure I am fit and trying to take my chance when it comes.

“It isn’t about proving a point. You sometimes take for granted when you are physically fit and well, and the frustration which comes from being injured. Staying fit and injury free is something I want to be.”

It remains to be seen if Celtic will actively try and sell the player, especially if he can start talking to clubs in 6-months time.

Would you keep Stuart at the club or should Celtic cash in on him if he refuses a new deal?

Southampton have seemingly been interested in the player with reports down south suggesting they’re willing to spend upwards of £4million to secure the player.

A drop in the ocean for a Premier League side, even if he has only got one year left.


  1. STU you should stay, Celtic have a need for such an adaptible mid.Even though Brendan does like to freshen up there. Your in the mix. I’m bald but not jealous of your. Fine scalp hair, like the fans sing aboot

  2. Punt him.

    I would have punted him last year. He was rank rotten ’til BR came along and he thought he was a superstar last season by signing only a one year extension.

  3. Get him oot the Door.He tried to hold my Club to ransom.Thought he was a Lot better than he really is..We need players that will bust a Gut for the Celtic Cause.He isnt in that Mould…

  4. HH Nobody Bigger than our club get him moved on for more than 4mill he is worth more:That is where wee will fall & Tubule if wee don’t get new blood in Armstrong is getting older so injuries will take longer to heel so no hang around and wastes the changing room young fit players all the time hh ktf

  5. This man was in my opinion, part of the reason we had so many poor performances last season. His attempts at engineering a move away last summer disrupted a very tight knit group. He came off the back of the best season in his career thinking he was a superstar and the only reason we won everything! Armstrong on his game is a powerful player. But he doesn’t bleed green like KT and Broony. He couldn’t care less if he wears the hoops or not. He could take a lesson from Tom Rogicon what being a Celt means. Even loan players like Paddy Roberts have more green in their blood than Armstrong does. I’d sell him now, before he has a chance to disrupt the squad again.

    • Armstrong was playing injured for a good while.When he is fully fit he gives us drive & energy that sometimes was lacking last season. I think he wants to stay & I know for a fact that he loves playing for Brendan.


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