PADDY POWER have tweeted they will pay out on Celtic to win the league after seeing Steven Gerrard draw his first game in the SPFL.

After one week, The Rangers are already two points behind the Champions and Paddy Power have seen enough

Steven Gerrard looked out of ideas and very disgruntled as he took the post-match interview where he started accusing biased against the mighty Gers.

We thought it would take a little longer for the Liverpool Legen to crack but the West of Scotland life and hanging about with Jimmy Bell is getting to him big time.


  1. YEA Scottish security Services colluded together with other fans of Scottish football tae get two away fans stabbed by two or more sevconians BEFORE the match had started SG. Get a grip of really, next your gonna say that Celtic and all the other teams are colluding together wae the Sfa and the apron at the Sfa referees. Ha fuc&en ha ya clown, where are your baggy trousers and pail of confetti.


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