Brendan Rodgers described his latest cup win as one of his proudest moments since becoming the Celtic manager. This had nothing to do with his latest record broken, he was paying tribute to the players after their slaughter in Paris.

No Celtic manager has ever won their first four trophies consecutively. Just a quick look at the headlines shows the focus will be on a peno that shouldn’t have been. Once again Rodgers achievements playing second fiddle to some nonsense headline.

Craig Thomson had a howler, but he has never officiated a game with pass marks. Celtic also paid the price for his bad calls. Celtic were already one up when the call was made and Motherwell we’re starting to leave gaps as they were forced to come out and play. Motherwell had one genuine chance at goal that was saved brilliantly by Craig Gordon.

Brendan Rodgers has now managed Celtic for 65 games with 57 wins, 0 defeats and 4 trophies in the trophy room. This achievement needs more of a spotlight, it shouldn’t have to be defended by any quarter. 



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