BT SPORT stop their coverage of Scottish football at the end of this season and on the whole it’s been good. However, on Wednesday night, the commentary was Sky Sports-esk with no Chris Sutton around.

The broadcaster chose to go with a team of Rory Hamilton (Lead Commentator), flanked by Michael Stewart and Stephen Craigan.

Stewart is an ex-Hearts player and Craigan has a well known case off wee team syndrome. Craigan actively spurs Celtic’s opposition on and talks them up. At one point he spoke of Celtic’s offside goal at 2-0 galvanising Hearts. We had Stewart who pulled up Christopher Jullien for making more of a tackle but then later in the game he kept quiet when a Hearts player did the same. It was a horrible night for BT Sport.

Celtic fans aren’t shy at telling you what they think and with no balance to the commentary – many stuck it on mute.


  1. Bearing in mind Craigan never cleanly kicked a ball, choosing to kick anything on grass, punching and acting the thug on the park, to hear him talk, you’d think he knew what he was talking about. This is a guy that you wouldn’t invite to a funeral. Craigan….Craggs… call him what you like, he was never a footballer, just a thug with football boots.


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