A facility that was opened to serve the local community in Cardenden in honour of Celtic legend Johnny Thomson has been vandalised by mindless morons only four months after captain Scott Brown opened the facility.

Johnny Thomson is one of Celtic’s most famous sons who lost his life playing for the club in 1931. A freak accident saw the player lose his life at the age of only 22 in a match at Ibrox stadium.

Johnny is still a local hero and that’s why the 3G pitch in honour of him was backed by Fife Council and The Fife Leisure Trust.

The sick vandals targeted the image of Thomson before pouring the rest on the pitch.

FreeGellyBhoy’s tweet above shows the damage done by mindless idiots.

Here was Scott Brown, Jim Leishman and Tom Boyd opening the centre in honour of Johnny back in November of last year.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that people feel the need to damage public property which is there to serve the community, regardless of the player it is named after.


  1. Such idiotic morons. That’s what happens when these people believe all the discrimination dished out from ibrokes!. That they are of that clubs supporters there is no doubt! Moron, go and crawl under the stone you crawled from under!. Some one know who they are!!! And if they do and do not ship them then they may as well have been there with them .Scum and shame of Scotland, they never fail to make that name stick!! Everywhere, even in something for thier own community!! Scum! Always have been always will be !!

  2. Having lived in Scotland until 1968 ,I lived in a society that was clearly anti Catholic.
    I lived with” what school did you go to “ “what foot do you kick with”and what’s your name”,when you applied for a job or wanted anything,the feeling of being different not belonging
    The battle of the Boyle lives on in Scotland and the idea of dominating and controlling the “papes “exists still
    It seems that has not changed and anti Catholic hatred is alive and well.
    I left Scotland to get away from the lack of opportunity and bigotry and have never regretted it

  3. Lets get this one straight………………..if they wanted to vandalize public property, they could have smashed up a bus stop, or flung bricks through their secondary school windows,but this was no ordinary vandalism,this was sectarianism at its worst,to do it to a a mans memorial is utterly disgusting and then some……..and to think these fuqwhits are worried that their garden in the albion carpark might suffer the same is incredulous , absolutley white(i say white but i do realize there are other denominations in their ranks which must be an anathema to their ranks) trash scum…………………..Hail Hail…………god bless johnny thompson


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