SHANE DUFFY has come out and shown the sort of abuse he has been receiving on social media which appears to be from a supporter from the other side of Glasgow.

The Celtic defender posted up the image of abuse he received which was disgusting. The message received by the footballer had sectarian abuse attached and revelled in the passing of Shane’s father.

It’s a shocking message and whoever is responsible should be held to account.

James McClean brought up the abuse he receives on a daily basis on social media and rightly made the statement that had he been of another ethnicity, the abuse would be more widely condemned.

There seems to be a gap in peoples tolerance when it comes to anti-Irish abuse perpetrated in the United Kingdom.

It’s utterly abhorrent and has to be dealt with. Anyone who thinks this is OK or fair game needs have their head checked.

The personal abuse footballers receive online is nothing short of a disgrace and the people revelling in this sort of stuff are in need of help.


  1. And as long as you keep calling it sectarian abuse we will get nowhere. Call it what it is anti Irish/catholic racism we might get somewhere


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