Celtic have been hit with a violent conduct charge for their midfielder Ryan Christie for a flashpoint during the Glasgow Derby game.

The notice of complaint, if it goes unchallenged by the club will see Ryan miss the next two games through suspension.

Apparently it’s to do with Ryan grabbing Morelos by the testicles during the tie. We know he’s good on the ball but juggling two at the one time is impressive.

There is a picture of the grab by Ryan Christie and we’re not sure if Celtic would appeal it. We’d need to see the footage fully.

This would be Ryan’s potential second suspension of the season after being sent off in the Livingston game earlier this season.

The Celtic players was reportedly taken to hospital for emergency surgery on Sunday and could miss a couple of Celtic games in recovery anyway.

We’ll leave this image of the Ibrox player doing the same to Christie in a previous encounter. Oh by the way, it was never flagged by the SFA.


  1. Ryan didn’t have his head in the game and I think most of us saw a charge coming when this incident occurred.
    We have to behave above and beyond what’s to be expected of them.


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