According to a report, Celtic are set to priorities the European transfer market going into the summer before the Brexit rule changes come in the following window.

As reported by Football Insider, financial expert Kieran Maguire believes that the Hoops will look to the European market in the summer before it becomes a lot harder for Scottish clubs to sign players from these sorts of quarters of the world due to post-Brexit transfer rules that were put on hold for the next window by the home office.

“I think they (Celtic) are aware of the post-Brexit market, which is going to be tougher for clubs in Scotland who have historically been able to recruit using freedom of movement.

“You think about the likes of Dembele, Edouard and so on, Celtic’s model has been to develop those players and then sell them on.

“It’s going to be harder to get those players in so therefore you need someone with a greater experience of the market who can put a case towards the Home Office for players to come to Celtic.

“From a professional point of view, it’s a very logical step. It’s indicative of a club that is adapting to a new environment and new circumstances in which we’re now operating.”

Going into the summer the club has a massive rebuild on their hands, whether that be on the field or in the boardroom.

That could have been made even tougher with more rule restrictions as to where we can sign players from so we have got a little bit fortunate in that sense.

In recent seasons we have had success stories signing players from other European countries signing the likes of Odsonne Edouard from PSG. You would imagine the club will try to utilise this one more time before it becomes near impossible.

The last few targets and signings in Ben Davies and Liam Shaw show that the club is trying to edge towards using the English market a lot more. So it will be something in the near future we will have to get used too.



  1. Best get new man manager in first some one that makes players want to play and win for him,our manager and his staff can not do that look we are not playing games now we need to get players in and players out so we can get started from the first kick next season..


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