David Turnbull was expected to sign for Celtic on Friday after terms had been agreed and even a picture of the player sitting in the boardroom with a Celtic shirt emerged.

However, the club fell silent on Friday night after Neil Lennon told supporters the player was on the verge of being announced as a Celtic player.

The delay appears to be David’s medical according to reports on social media which have been corroborated by several media outlets including SunSport. The club thoroughly tests any new signing coming in and the facilities they use at Ross Hall in Glasgow were not available on Friday in order for them to conclude the deal. Turnbull was sent down to a facility in Manchester to take part in his Celtic medical which meant the announcement of his signing could not be made on Friday evening.

Barring something scary turning up on the medical, the player should FINALLY be announced as a Celtic player after so many false starts and speculation.


  1. We need to face facts Celtic are now a joke of a club. Transfer business over the past 2 years has been nothing short of farcical. Celtic appear to be determined to make 8 the last title for a few years. Tal about sabotaging yourself from a position of strength. I would not put one pound on Celtic winning the league next season. The atmosphere around the club is negative and morale is as low as I can remember since the mid-90s and we have just won a treble treble. Regardless of how much spin is put on it we have been on the slide for at least 2 years. The departure of Radgers was a major blow, the appointment of the cheap, desperate optionin Lennon, amid the dreadful football on offer, demonstrated there is no ambition. And on top of this a 19 year old prospect from the SPL messing us around as he is not convinced we are goo enough for him is too much to take. The scum Tories who run Celtic are getting away with murder and most supporters will say nothing until it is too late. Another absolute gubbing at Ibrox at the end of August will be too late. The slide will already be on by that time and we will not be able to stop it. The time is now but no one is willing to take charge. Lennon will be gone by Christmas. But who next?

  2. Football to fans is about bragging rights. No money Sevco are buying players and are off on training course. Meanwhile we are looking ar Adam Mathews, the donkey McKenna, and this 19 year old. You’d think we were talking Messi, but no, it’s a 30 game wonder who has fcked us about to the extent, we don’t want him.
    Looking at our setup, we are third rate and don’t deserve good players. Lawell can go now, I have had enough of him. I have followed Celtic since the 7-1 game, that’s almost 64 years and the fcuking biscuit tin is still there.


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