DEREK McInnes refused to give Celtic much credit after his team were soundly beaten 3-0 at Celtic Park.

The Aberdeen boss put it down to luck and was happy with his team.

Derek is yet to beat Celtic under Brendan Rodgers, failing eight times with his team conceding 20 goals and only scoring 3 themselves.

In fact Aberdeen have only lead Celtic for 90 seconds in recent history and they didn’t get another touch of the ball until after Celtic equalised.

Lucky eh.


  1. Obviously he will try and big up his players and team so not surprised by this but still want them to be well clear of the Huns in the table which is starting to look likely and anybody else who finishes in front of those cheating bastards…

  2. I really don’t think Derek has any credibility when it comes to post match talks after his team have been demolished. According to him, Aberdeen have never been beaten by a better team during his reign. Maybe this is why they are falling further and further back!

  3. He is so wrapped up and warped in sevco, yes even though he is the manager of the sheep men! .He gifted sevco with six points as he though he was going to manage them! He is really a twisted wee b’s::;:d , and hates anything Celtic! His attitude at Celtic Park on Saturday showed him just what he is. A bitter wee man. Stay up in Aberdeen you midden, and you will still only be a lucky second best!Hail Hail.

  4. McInnes So if Celtic were Lucky against Abahaaadeen,What does that say for McInnes tactics against Real Sevcolona.Typical Rancid Arsehole,Bitter with a twist of Lemon…Trying to Big Up his team after getting Mauled…HH Merry Xmas to Everyone of the Celtic Family

  5. All three goals did have a lot of luck, but Celtic still absolutely battered them in the second half. And most of the first half.
    The game wasn’t close. Aberdeen never looked like scoring when they had a bit of pressure. Their high press wasn’t effective because, unlike at swinecastle, Celtic were on their game.
    Celtics goals had a out of luck, but Aberdeen’s trending for them was very poor, so their own doing as well.
    First goal took a huge deflection, second was a clearance that bounced of another defender, and third was an under hit back pass.

  6. Bad Loser’s Like Him Make Me Puke My Cornflakes Up! He’s A Disgrace Who Chucked Six Points At Newco!! And Don’t Forget He Couldn’t Name His Squad When Asked Against Newco!!! What Kind Of Manager Cant Remember His Team In An Important Game!!!!


  7. McInnes was whining about luck, the deflection for the first goal and the pinball style rebound to Hayes for his goal. Video replays show that Aberdeen had NINE players behind the ball when Lustig fired goalwards, and that’s what can happen when a team park the bus and pile bodies into the box. Same thing with Hayes’ goal, they had five players in the six yard box, four in around the goal line when they made a complete hash of clearing the ball. They can’t really have any complaints, and the third goal had nothing to do with luck, it had everything to do with poor play, awful defending and a lapse in concentration by their defender.

  8. McInnes McInnes oh what a Guy,Blatantly hands Sevco six points,Cant remember his player selection.So what would that say for his tactics.All we hear is Scotland needs a strong RainJurz,Or RainJurz are the Only team that can stop Celtic doing 10 In A Row.ffs lets keep things in perspective,Sevco are not RainJurz,That Horse has long since Bolted.RainJurz Are in Liquidation.Sevco couldnt put five wins together,And thats a So called Big Club with the second biggest budget in Scotland.Mon The Tic,Give This Rotten Mob an Absolute Doing come the Weekend.Even when the EBT’s were in full swing at the Oldco they couldnt go Undefeated,Anything to Big Themselves Up.Big Clubs dont need to cheat!!!!Its revolting to see this bs goes on,And the SFA are part n parcel..HH


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