NEIL LENNON has come out and publicly backed his captain after the SFA charged him with the most ridiculous offence you can imagine.

Scottish Football’s governing body have cited Brown four days after the game had taken place with ‘not acting in the best interests of association football’. Yes, you read that correctly.

As Celtic get set to fight the bogus charge, Neil Lennon has taken to CelticTV to tell the fans and anyone else who’s listening that Scott Brown did nothing wrong.

The interim Celtic manager took it one further and branded the treatment of his captain as nothing short of disgraceful.

Celtic have a game on Saturday against Livingston. Even though it has been nearly a week since Celtic’s Glasgow Derby win, we’re still having to talk about this because The Rangers really can’t take defeat well.

It’s a sad state of affairs when one of your player’s is cited for the most flimsy of reasons.


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