Maybe a referendum needs to be drafted so we can once and for all work out if celebrating with your hands in the air at the full-time whistle should be a CRIME. Yes, celebrating a derby anywhere near a travelling mob is getting used in the same sentence as the word crime.

If I punch someone in the face on the street because the smirked at me, that is a crime, that is an assault. If I elbow someone in the face in work because the flicked my leg, that is a crime, an assault and I’ve probably got fired.

Somewhere in the hysteria, common sense has got lost. Who you gonna call? Barry Ferguson.

He told the Daily Record: “It all kicked off when Brown celebrated in front of the Rangers supporters and he’s now been cited for that as well. “He was hardly doing an Eric Cantona but I did think at the time it was a stupid thing to do.

“Celtic had won the game to go 13 points clear. All he needed to do was go away and celebrate with his own people. “Instead he was deliberately trying to wind the fans up, which is not the worst crime in the world but not the smartest move either.”

Not the worse CRIME in the world? What would be a worse CRIME? What about not paying your taxes?


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