This disgusting graffiti below has been found on a wall yards from Tynecastle in the aftermath of the Edinburgh Derby.

Football played second fiddle to the antics of morons in the crowd, between a Hibs fan hitting the Hearts goalkeeper and a Hearts fans hitting Neil Lennon with a pound coin from the stands – it was a shameful night for the Edinburgh derby.

However, this morning, this graffiti¬†appeared condoning the ‘hanging’ of Neil Lennon.

Let’s put this into perspective. Some fans who give Neil Lennon abuse for 90 minutes and beyond can’t handle the manager giving a bit back to them – so much so they are hitting him with missiles and wishing death upon him.

It’s a sad, sorry state of affairs and anyone who believes or has carried the line ‘he brings this on himself’ over the past 24 hours should be ashamed of themselves.

Nobody deserves this sort of treatment, especially not for a jovial wind up during a football game.


  1. Mindless Idiots, beget mindless Idiots. The beat goes on unabated. Haven’t their mother’s heard of the gift of contraception. Fuc&en hell, what’s one more monkey in the bucket. If they forget to take it.


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