SCOTT BROWN has lifted the lid on what went down at Rugby Park on Sunday after the midfielder scored a monumental late winner and then was sent off amid the chaotic celebrations between fans and players.

The game looked to be heading for a frustrating stalemate when the ball fell to the Celtic captain inside the area; Broony took a swipe at it and a major deflection sent it away from the Killie goalkeeper and into the back of the net sparking joyful scenes from the stands.

Brown jumped up onto an advertising board but the momentum of the Celtic players chasing him put him nearer the crowd.

Brown tells how Jonny Hayes tried to shield Brown from the referee, thinking they may get away without a second yellow for the captain. Seconds later Madden was standing next to Brown and the captain knew what came next. He didn’t even acknowledge Madden as he heroicly walked off the field up the narrow Rugby Park tunnel after a job well done.

“Jonny tried to save me. He tried to put me underneath his wing, kidding on I wasn’t there and saying: ‘I think we’ve got away with this, pal’.” Brown told Celtic TV.

“I’ve turned around and Bobby is standing right there. I said: ‘Jonny, turn around’. He said: ‘Yeah, okay, you’re in trouble’.

Scott also seemed to address the notion he shouldn’t have celebrated his goal. A ridiculous suggestion which came from TalkSport rent-a-gob Adrian Durham.

“To be honest, it’s probably people criticising who have never kicked a ball in their lives who are sitting in the house being keyboard warriors, but I’m doing a job I love and it’s a celebration at the end of the day. Some referees might give you a booking, some might not, it’s just your luck.

“Bobby did what the rule says if you go off a tiny bit, but everyone has to be in the same boat, although I know it is hard for referees to be consistent like that.

“There are a few guys got away with it, but I understand the rule, especially if there are kids at the front of the stand and there are people there getting squashed.

“It had been a long time since I’d scored and then I got two in a week, so it was emotional. I tried to stop myself before I went over the boards, but, as soon as you score, the lads go towards you and I was either going to collapse into the board or jump over it.

“I jumped over a hoarding, but as soon as I did it, the fans ran to me. I saw Bobby with his cards out. I just walked off. A lot of people made a big issue of it, but I was happy with the result and I was happy with my celebration.”


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