Former SPFL Chief Roger Mitchell has applauded Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou for not playing the medias game.

The manager has been brilliant at handling the media since coming into the club. Within hours of touching down in Scotland – they asked him if he was happy being second choice to Eddie Howe. Ange replied by saying he doesn’t care if he was 8th choice.

The pattern has continued with any daft questions being dealt with brilliantly. The manager always makes the person asking the question feel silly with his response.

The Leverkusen pre match press conference on Wednesday got off to a terrible start when one journalist tried to involve Ange in ticket allocation nonsense.

The media have been gladly trying to stir up a tit for tat spat in the papers to fill their pages. The way Ange shut it down was brilliant – he didn’t come across as angry or aggressive. Instead, the Celtic gaffer puts his hands on his head and laughs at the ridiculousness of the question.

Roger Mitchell enjoyed seeing Ange not play the media’s game.


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