All Celtic fans wanted from around January last year was the season to end as soon as possible and for a massive rebuild to take place at Celtic Park. Instead, the season painfully dragged on with bad news following more bad news and results.

Then fans got dragged along the coals again with the supposed appointment of Eddie Howe described as “Imminent”, of course, that fell through in the 11th hour. Indicators were that the appointment of backroom staff was the cause of the deal collapsing.

Celtic fans have been reacting to news that Gordon Strachan is set for a new role at Celtic and it’s not a Celtic TV promotion.

Strachan is rumored to be the new, incoming technical director at Celtic Park. We read loads of fans’ thoughts on this and honestly we could not see one positive reaction.

There is a lot of season ticket holders yet to renew for the season ahead and the billionaire that runs the club has somehow not worked out that when you spend money you get it back tenfold from the fans.

Brendan Rodgers is the perfect example of going that extra mile, with the cheque book out just look at the return the board got from the fans. At one point they had 10,000 people on a waiting list for a season book.


    • Brian and that sir is why thousands wont renew,but the club wont give a Donald Duck because they know there will be many on that waiting list who will gamble that improvement on the pitch is imminent under the big Aussie and will buy that shortfall of season tickets.


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