It has been a busy 48 hours and we’re still playing catch up because of deadline day when it comes to properly digesting the game at Ibrox.

There are so many talking points surrounding the game but unfortunately, this next clip comes straight from the stands.

An eagle-eyed Celtic fan who was watching the highlights of the game noticed something after Celtic had scored their second of the day confirming their victory. The players went to the corner of Ibrox where the Celtic fans occupied to celebrate with the support. However, as they did so an Ibrox fan can be seen launching a missile at the Celtic players in the hope of hitting one of them as they celebrate.

With the footage below pretty conclusive and the lad in full view of the cameras, we wonder if the Ibrox club will take action against this complete and utter moron who could have done some serious damage.


  1. For every 10 million Celtic spend the Sevco minions will throw in a pound. The Sevco will say (Bad hun) And sweep, sweep goes their brush. Proper pauper.


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