Some Gers Fans made an absolute spectacle of themselves today after watching their new look side fall to Celtic at Parkhead.

The bhoys ran out 1-0 winners in what was a dominant display from the double treble champions.

As Celtic fans done their lap of honour, thanking the Celtic fans for their unwavering support during the 90 minutes some Gers fans just couldn’t take the sight of Scott Brown and Leigh Griffiths celebrating in front of them.

As the players walked past the away allocation which had to stay behind after the game and endure the humiliation – they suddenly tried to rush the pitch.

We have all seen the footage but new footage emerged from just beside the Ibrox fans and shows you them running towards the the bottom of the stands with venom and anger.

Misplaced rage after being so hyped up and whipped into a frenzy by a handful of decent results.



  1. Incompitent lines men sack them .Its about time we had a new compliance officer as well .Every body knows who the thugs are in Scottish football a wee dose of porridge would sort that out I could go on might as well talk to the wall.Eddie Kelly.

  2. i got most games at home only because of my age 78 and fly home again but all along since i remember it was the ger that caused most trouble and even voilence because of their hate,my dad was born in pollockshires he was a protesant but he married me ma when he came to dublin from glasgow on business he liked the old dublin horses and carts and reminded him of glasgow, but i was born and what happened was ma and dad decided to let me pick my own religeon when i was 16 ,i did it was called none as i saw the troubles even as a boy related to dad decided he was going to be a non beleiver my ma well she was a strong catholic..but had no interest in football just a lovely woman who died so young from cancer. their was a song called try to see it my way, we can work it out .if hate is in these people then theirs no hope for them as a human beeing .sport is sport and as said here and the cheers are that of hate ,how bad will it be at the other end .regards to all in celtic scotland as it is and always was . night thomas


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