GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL has today put the breaks on Celtic’s plans to erect a large, rotating screen outside Celtic Park.

The screen which would have been used for promotional material, highlights and general club related news outside the ground will NOT be able to go ahead after GCC refused the proposal.

The reason it has been rejected is because GCC planners think it would be a distraction to drivers going along London Road and also because it would be a “dominant and incongruous feature, to the detriment of visual amenity”.


Celtic have been regenerating the outside of Celtic Park for years now and the visuals outside the stadium are already a great sight to behold. This would have been an added extra for the club if the proposal had been accepted.

The club is still forging ahead with a hotel, museum and ticket office on the site, however, progress on the funding and timescale of the project has not been made public.


  1. Glasgow City Council? Funny handshake? You don’t know much about West of Scotland politics. Incidentally, Sevco were using the equivalent argument from the other end

  2. Its a joke tho as lawell has said we have problems there as its like “aww what about the other new club” Its pathetic!! and only in “brigadoon scotland”! is this prevalent!! It really holds our GREAT CLUB BACK!! Sharing a city with that filth on every level! These people that go to the hellhole really believe we as a club and support mirror them!! see this helps them sleep at night and suits the media to! When in reality we are everything this horrible club and hoards of hate are not!! We are club open to all and always have been we borne out of solidarity, unity ,love, community and charity. Celtic really need to address this and start by openly rebuking the disgusting “o f” tag! on all levels this is so bad for our club really we need stronger leadership and to hopefully lead us out of this back water set up HAIL HAIL


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