Scottish Government official Jason Leitch has fired a final warning to any supporters that are planning to turn up outside the ground ahead of tomorrow’s Glasgow Derby.

As quoted by the Daily Record speaking on Off the Ball this morning, Leitch gave one last warning to any supporter who is planning on making their way to the ground, therefore breaking Covid-19 protocols.

“We’ve spent 10 days talking to the clubs, and the clubs have done really well talking to their fan groups, and with captains and mangers putting out clips.

“The message is pretty straightforward. The message is stay at home.

“Don’t go to either stadium, don’t go outdoors in groups to celebrate or commiserate.

“Stay at home watch the game and let’s think about celebrations and commiserations in the future when we can gather again.”

Over the past few weeks, a lot of the talk has been surrounding if this fixture will go ahead due to concerns about gatherings in and around the stadium.

Many government officials, including Leitch, have fired several warnings to fans about the dangers of breaking protocol and at one point there were even suggestions that the game was hanging on the knife-edge about whether it will be on or not.

However, it was confirmed yesterday that the game will be going ahead after a number of talks with both clubs and also agreeing that a heavy police presence will be put in place in order to keep any trouble from brewing.


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