Current Dumbarton manager and Clyde 1 Superscoreboard pundit, Jim Duffy, put a Celtic fan in his place live on the airwaves for referring to Gavin Strachan as the iPad guy and branded him one of the worst coaches he’s ever seen.

Duffy, defending Strachan hit back at the assertion using an iPad made Gavin somehow a bad coach.

“If you look at any top Premier League match. Nearly every coach has got an iPad, nearly every coach!  Either the managers got one or next to him, his assistant or various coaches have got an iPad.” Duffy exclaimed in SSB.

“But that’s the nature of football. That doesn’t mean that you’re not a good coach or you can’t add something to the coaching team as part of a team.

“It is absolute nonsense to say things like that”.

Strachan and his laptop/iPad have been an easy target for jokes but there is an element of our support who thinks the coach is wrong for using technology on the sidelines and that it somehow handicaps us.

Analytics and data are being used by all the top clubs and getting things across to players can be easier on an iPad rather than a pen and pad.

Duffy standing up for someone in Scotland showing a little bit of progression with how they approach the game. Things haven’t worked out this season for Celtic but it has nothing to do with an iPad.


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