The bhoy has just signed a three year deal with the club, a deal which will most likely carry him into the first team.

As he readies himself and prepares for the future, young Karamoko Dembele is giving himself every chance to make it in the game with the hard work he’s putting in.

We were staggered by the change in the young lad in such a short space of time after the hot Celtic prospect posted a picture of himself playing for the reserve team.

The midfielder has gone from pocket-sized dynamite to a player who can hold his own against the toughest SPFL competitor.

Dembele has become an internet sensation, and there were a lot of options for the player and his family when it came to signing his first professional contract. The youngster remains very humble and continues to put in the work which will see him do big things in the game.

Let’s hope one of his first acts is scoring the winning goal for ten in a row!


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