Ever since his name popped up on Tuesday evening there has been a plethora of articles about Celtic’s soon to be newest recruit, Kouassi Eboue.

But, I’m almost certain that most people writing about the midfielder never knew he existed this time last week, and I include myself in that. That’s why it’s so difficult to gauge this signing and what it will bring to Celtic. Yes, we’ve had a few Russian fans give us some low down and a very well written article on Russian Football news that we referenced when we reported that Eboue was coming to sign for Celtic.

Other than that, anyone within Scottish football’s bubble doesn’t know a lot about him but hilariously claim they do. We’ve had articles such as “four things you should know about Eboue” what? Couldn’t think or ascertain the usual five? We’ve also had, great talent but temperamental, this would be referencing the Russian football news article who talks him up but then shows a clip of the youngster throwing a tantrum after bein sent off. Again, giving readers their “Expert” lowdown on all things Eboue when it’s nothing more than what google and twitter have told them.

So, let’s be honest, there are very few of us sitting here today who know more than what the aforementioned outlets have told us. Like many foreign signings, we can’t really be sure until they take to the field in those famous Hoops.

He hasn’t had a lot of first team game time like many other 19-year-olds and looks like a raw talent Celtic can nurture. The biggest thing going for him is Brendan Rodgers’ persistence in wanting him at the club. While we may not know much about the Ivory Coast man, you’ll bet your bottom dollar that Rodgers and the scouting system have thoroughly done their homework before making an approach and slapping a good wad of cash on the table.

We await the paperwork going through and the player becoming an official part of the Celtic family. New signings always excite the fans, especially when they come with an air of mystery. The same kind of mystery that surrounded Victor Wanyama back in the day, not that I’m pointing you towards a direct comparison but just an idea how well it can turn out when Celtic do their homework.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. 100% spot on, I didn’t have a clue who he was but I’ll trust Brendan. We have to build a young team that will stay at Celtic for a few years. Some transfers work, others don’t. I include players bought for £40m in that.

    If the boy signs then we as a support must give him time. It could take up to one year to bed him in.

    Hail, Hail

  2. He is a punt. If he has been scouted and they think he’s worth the money then the club have to back the scouting team. Not many had heard of Wanyama, Rogic or Van Dijk. On the other hand Henrik backed up the signing of Bangura. Eboue could be anything but if you have a scouting team, back them if they keep getting it wrong, sack them. For the money brought in this season he’s worth the punt. Brendan has been magnificent up till now and has earned the trust. HH.


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