There aren’t many things that make us queasy but the thought of Kyle Lafferty in a Celtic jersey is certainly one of them.

We do recall in another lifetime the player was linked with a move to Celtic but nothing ever came of it. Speaking to OpenGoal Sport, Lafferty lifts the lid on the speculation and the call from Gordon Strachan which tried to tempt him into a move to Paradise.

Lafferty describes a move to Celtic as being ‘so hard’. He was obviously a fan of the other side of Glasgow but he cites the reasons for not going to Celtic because it would have been tough for his family back home in Northern Ireland.

The undercurrent of bigotry which saw Neil Lennon face death threats playing for his country as a Celtic player obviously a deciding factor for Lafferty.

“It just would have been so hard. I was in and about the Northern Ireland team, I was a young boy, an up and coming star in the team!” Lafferty told OpenGoal

“I think it would have been hard for me and hard my family back in Northern Ireland as well, just with everything that came with it.

“I did speak to Gordon, Gordon rang me and spoke to me. He said ‘listen big man, Celtic fans hated me, but look at me now, they worship me!’

“No, he did speak to me, he said all the right things. But I couldn’t have done it. Thankfully the better team in Scotland came knocking.”

Lafferty signed for his boyhood club eventually and Celtic didn’t waste their money.

Going from Henrik Larsson to Kyle Lafferty in the matter of five years would be galling. Then again, we went from Chris Sutton to Chris Killen! That’s a story for another day.


  1. What an ego, STAR. Away ya mug Lafferty, you were sh1te at trfc and still are. You’ll always be the nearly man. You were never good, you were never even average. Like I said you were sh1te.

  2. I remember watching an old firm years ago in a pub in Donegal and when Kyle lafferty appeared a celtic fan close by shouted “RAT MONKEY!” Kyle lafferty at that moment happened to meet the cameras gaze. His shifty little rodent eyes, his ridiculous gangly frame. And baboon arms. My fellow Tim nailed it. He’s Rat Monkey and always will be


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