DAIZEN MAEDA has sent a warning to goalkeepers ahead of his first full season with Celtic.

Since arriving in January, the Japanese international hasn’t stopped. Off the ball, he’s always closing down the opposition and giving them no time to settle. He carries out Ange’s high press so well. On the ball, he uses his pace to pass defenders and leave them chasing him.

Many times during his initial six months, Maeda has chased down the goalie, forcing them to boot it down the park, with Celtic often regaining possession.

While playing for Japan against Brazil, Maeda came close to nicking the ball from Liverpool’s Alison. He chased him down, and as Alison had hit the ball, it bounced off Maeda. Instead of hitting the back of the net, it trickled just wide.

As quoted by the Daily Record, Maeda is aiming to score a goal like this for Celtic in the league. He said;

“The goalkeeper is trying to steal a yard on in a situation where he doesn’t know which way I’m coming.

“So I’m rushing to go outside (of Alisson), and it’s a chance to hit my foot and finish as it is.

“I was imagining that it would hit that on my foot and get into the goal.

“I don’t have such a goal in Scotland yet, but I think it’s an opportunity

“I wasn’t really involved with the ball so much (against Brazil). I didn’t get involved. I wanted to make an impression with speed to shut them out.”


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