BRENDAN RODGERS believes his side will be the most prepared they have been for quite some time when they roll up to Ibrox on Sunday.

Celtic players are going to Govan with confidence the Irishman told the official Celtic website.

“Having a full week’s preparation will make a massive difference. The objective on Saturday was to get the game done and get through to the semi-final.

“It will be a tough game for us at Ibrox, of course, but we’ll get ready. We’ll work some elements of where we can hurt them and prepare really well for that and go there with confidence.”

Celtic have been playing 2 sometimes 3 games per week since the start of the season between cup games and European commitments.

It’s a bit of a novelty for Celtic to have a full week to prepare – it sounds as if they’re taking full advantage.


  1. yes this is what brendan and the bhoys needed, time to get into the right frame of mind get down to plans of the game and some more of our wonderfull bhoys fit again , so bring it on , the celtic are ready we are the CHAMPIONS god bless brendan and our lovely bhoys xxx hail hail the celts are here .

  2. Don’t forget to practice with 10 men Brendan.
    Gollumb will be looking for any excuse to send
    someone off like Simunovic who must be odds on fav
    to be off.

  3. wish Every single knobend who implies Old Firm would just f off…..Old Firm is Dead.So get a fcking Grip and stop with the BS lies.Mon The HooPs intae These Vermin Parasites..HH

  4. We must be very carefull as we Willie winkie will have one of us off quicker than batting your eye lid! We must be fully focused and keep all our players on the park!..As for beating sevco,? Bring it on ! They must be quacking in Thier boots!!! Seven games played , Celtic five wins and two draws! Surely that must tell you something!!!?Go on Celtic ,put hem too he sword! .Hail Hail.


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