CARL STARFELT continued to prove his doubters wrong against St Johnstone on Saturday afternoon.

The Swede has come in for some over the top criticism because of the way his Celtic career began. However, the defender has proved he has the ability to be in this team.

Celtic Analysis gave out the player’s stats from the St Johnstone game, and it was clear he had another stand out game.

Some fans need to have a whipping boy for whatever reason but even those who have still been shouting down Carl’s performances have to be quiet this evening.

Liel Abada had an outstanding start to his Celtic career but has tapered off a little bit in the past few weeks, nobody is saying anything about him. The role is reversed with Starfelt having a poor start and coming onto a game and there’s a lot of negativity around him.

It’s time for fans to wake up.


  1. St. Johnstone had 21% of the ball during the entire 90 minutes.

    They strung 132 completed passes together. This is hardly a yardstick to be measured against.

    We’ll see who’s dropped when Julien gets back, the scribbling on this website is sometimes hilarious.

  2. Big fulla was immense today he’s coming on to a game and never put a foot wrong. All player’s have a settling in period but he was thrown straight in and hadn’t had a settled partner either but he’s got that now in CCV. Better player’s than Carl have made mistakes in defence it’s how you deal with them that matters, he’s got a great temperament to get over any he’s made in his early appearances. Big Joe in goals helps too as he talks throughout the game and that’s invaluable to any back four, I always hated playing with a quiet keeper. When I played, and I was never good enough to play at any great level, it was at centre back and I spoke the whole game and I always encouraged my keeper to do the same, this is why Carl’s improving as Joe’s experience and organisational skills and the fact that Carl himself is a good player means he’s finding a consistent performance level now.


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