Neil Lennon was not throwing any of his players under the bus in the immediate aftermath of the game on Thursday night.

Celtic capitulated at home to a very average Copenhagen side who probably couldn’t believe their lucky

It was a nervy night in Paradise and at half time while there were no goals for Celtic we didn’t look under too much pressure.

The second half started and we looked out of sorts, much like the first leg. Before we knew it, we had gifted the away side a goal and they had something to hold onto.

Even after that goal, Celtic weren’t able to get out and up the field as much as you’d imagine a team chasing a result would have. In the 80th minute, a blatant hand ball in the box and VAR correcting the referees mistake gave us a way back in.

Eddy scored a fantastically cool penalty and we were right back in it. Two minutes later is where it all really went wrong as Neil Lennon talks is through it.

“The two minutes after the equaliser killed us.” Lennon told CelticTV.

“It was a sloppy pass, they broke on us and we were not in the right position.

“It’s not what I expect from the players, who have been absolutely magnificent for me and will be again.

“It’s a shame this campaign has ended because it was very, very promising.

“Sometimes you can’t legislate for individual errors. They happen in a game and we are not going to scapegoat anyone.

“The first goal was not the defining moment of the game. The defining moment was their second goal which we should have managed better.”


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