Celtic were showing Bolton youngster Luca Connell around Celtic Park yesterday with the club keen on doing a deal for the defensive midfielder.

Luca has not got a professional deal with Bolton and is still playing on his youth contract. Neil Lennon and Celtic believe the player would be available on a free transfer. According to Balls.ie, the administration hit club are demanding a fee for their young talent.

The report reads: “It now appears that the club are demanding a transfer fee if the Luca Connell Celtic deal is to go through.”

The club would have to seek advice from FIFA for this transfer in order to know what the procedure is going forward. If he has no contract with the club then it should be straight forward but if Bolton are adamant they should be due a fee for Luca then it could get messy.

Celtic will likely look into this before signing the player to any deal. Bolton have been relegated to League One and there’s no end in sight for the club’s current financial woes.

A fee would be welcomed by administrators but Celtic will do things by the book and if there’s no fee to be paid or a FIFA enforced compensation package then the club will follow those guidelines.


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