HIBERNIAN have performed a major u-turn on the away allocation for Celtic going forward after originally cutting it to under 2000 this season.

When Celtic turned up earlier this term with a diminished support, Hibernian were left red-faced when their own fans didn’t fill the section they took from the away Celtic support.

At the time it promoted Celtic Support Liasion Officer John Paul to post the tweet below.

After not being able to sell out their section Petrie and Dempster have generously allowed Celtic fans more tickets for games going forward and doubling the allocation to around 4,000.

It was a ridiculous move by the club in the first instance as they actively locked football fans out of a game for reasons nobody can quite understand. The demand was not there from their end, but they cost themselves money pandering to whoever was unhappy with the away section being so large.

So Celtic fans, Petrie and Dempster have their begging bowl out, and they’ll take your money again – isn’t that nice of them.

It’s worth noting they have to provide 20% of the allocation to Celtic for the Scottish Cup tie at the beginning of March, but in terms of league duty, more Celtic fans will be allowed in the door but this will be assessed on a ‘game to game’ basis.



  1. Lazy article, nothing to do with u turn. It is a cup game we are intitiled to that allocation, would have been the same if we went to greyskull.


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