ANGE POSTECOGLOU has admitted that he’s proud of his Celtic team and their achievements so far this season.

The Aussie boss inherited a job described as a poisoned chalice, but he had no fear and became a part of the Celtic family.

Since his appointment, the manager has taken his team and fans on a rollercoaster ride, experiencing the highest of the highs, winning the League Cup and sitting six points clear with two emphatic derby wins, but the club has experienced some lows, like their European results.

Nevertheless, it’s clear to see that Ange is the right man for Celtic Football Club. He compliments the club well.

During Friday’s press conference, the Celtic manager was asked if his father and Ferenc Puskas would be proud of his team. Ange replied, saying that they would be proud, but he’d still point out areas for improvement. The Aussie manager then opened up on his own feelings, revealing he admired the team and what they have come through and accomplished so far this season would make them both proud, saying; [Celtic TV]

“I’m proud of my players and staff because they’ve embraced this challenge. They’ve embraced it in a way I really love and have been prepared to take the knocks along the way.

“You won’t find us at one moment this year making an excuse and feeling sorry for ourselves or trying to take away the responsibility that lies upon us to be the team we want to be.

“From that point of view, I’d like them to be proud of what they see, but both of them would tell me we could be better.”


  1. The man is a class act. In my eyes, he is up there with Big Jock and Martin O’Neill in his handling of the orange press. Maybe even better.


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