John Hartson has made the claim Celtic fans respected Steven Gerrard while he was at Ibrox and Giovanni Van Bronckhorst will garner similar respect from the green side of Glasgow because of his prior exploits playing for a side emanating from Ibrox.

I like big John, but I have no idea where he’s getting this idea from. Celtic fans didn’t respect Gerrard and found him very contradictory and weasel like for his dealings with referees and what we like to refer to as ‘honest mistakes’.

John thinks the respect was there, speaking to Go Radio as cited by Record Sport.

‘I think from a Celtic point of view, fans respected Steven Gerrard because he won the league so comfortably – and that won’t change with Gio Van Bronckhorst.

‘He knows the blueprint of the football club and he comes in a winner.”

Celtic’s rivals have went through major upheaval, not dissimilar to Celtic a few years ago when Brendan Rodgers left through the back door.

The Hoops managed to stay the course that season because their rivals couldn’t exert enough pressure in the end. The bhoys must learn from that and know if they can keep up the pressure throughout the season, they’ll have a better chance of toppling the Ibrox side.

It’s going to be an interesting run in to the end of this year.


  1. Big bad john having a mare here – doesn’t speak for me – I’ve no respect for gerrard – strange comment – I’ve no respect for Rodgers either- couldn’t give a flying saucer for the new guy at sevco either – its all about ange

  2. The problem with former footballers who have frittered away the money they made during their playing days and now must depend on punditry to put bread on the table, is that in order to stay relevant they must continue to voice opinions, opinions that are not bothered with fact nor common sense.

    This is the way of the world, they are ten a penny, thankfully Big Bad John isn’t usually as far off the mark along with the bould Chris Sutton, who hits the net 9 times out of ten.

    Unlike the scrotum faced weasel Andy Walker, the coke addled rantings of Charlie ‘Charlie’ Nicholas, or Fat Kris Commons, who looks like something from a Monty Python sketch. Or worse Charlie the knicker sniffer Adam or woe betide Kris Boyd who’s intellect is on par with a three toed sloth. We should be thankful of our blessings.

  3. Usually Big Bad John says it like he sees, and gets it right, however, I feel he’s not quite read the room in this instance, and has, faux Pas’d big time. Never mind he’ll make up for it I’m sure.

  4. Big John may have a point there if you consider that Celtic fans haven’t lost any respect for him as they had very little or none to begin with, whereas Sevco fans have absolutely none for him because of the way he dumped them leaving a smelly dump in a smelly dump in doing so.

  5. FGSK get big john off the crack cocaine, I.d say No hoops fans respected slippy gee, and not only down to taking the Lazarus fc chalice, he.s a pound sign chaser and would sell his granny for higher step on the money ladder , also turned a blind eye to the knuckle draggers continually chanting bigoted filth for 90 mins whether they won or not , on his watch , slabbered praise for the hun referees who he knew to be corrupt, if you appreciate respect then like every other human , you need to earn it , that slimey ponce did NOT

  6. Any respect I had for Gerrard (and it wasn’t much to begin with) died the moment he took that job. God only knows where Big John has gotten the idea we respected Slippy? Nonsense.


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