JACK HENDRY has had a slow start to his Celtic career. Used sparingly and at times struggling to make the necessary adjustments to go from a Dundee player to a Celtic star.

The youngster has a lot to learn but the curse of Jack Hendry seems to be an unfortunate anomaly.

It has been pointed out on social media that the defender has never left the field a winner in a game where he has started.

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into Celtic’s dip in form, going back to last season but the player is yet to develop properly and could fall by the wayside if Celtic do manage to bring in a centre back with any semblance of footballing pedigree.

He has plenty of time to develop and Brendan Rodgers made this point over the weekend. However, Celtic can’t afford to carry passengers in the next couple of months.

Hopefully we see the bhoy starting and getting a win in Our next SPFL game to put the strange run to bed.


  1. lustig had a very similar start to his celtic career. it took him ages to be on the winning side.

    an btw, hopefully it starts on tuesday, not three games from now.

  2. Cmon guys give the Bhoy a break, if he is not good enough its not his fault, I am not good enough but I would try my best as the Bhoy is doing so Cmon guys time to be a Tim and support our team good or bad, I live in Didim Turkey and I love to cheer on the Celts with Didim CSC and it fills my heart with pride when we score and hear the Bhoys cheer, the English dont get it and why would they as they are all owned by foreigners who see it as a rich mans toy. My mate Man City fan wont admit it although he knows the truth being a trade unionist and socialist he cheers his team, but the English know the roar from the Hoops fans is always the loudest, Hail Hail.


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