CELTIC have had some amazing talent over the years but they have also missed out on some top players who could have been ‘game changers’ had they signed.

Here are three strikers who almost signed for Celtic during their career.

Just imagine if any of them pulled on the Hoops!

David Ginola

Tommy Burns once famously tried to sign French strike David Ginola.

In 1995, David and his representatives made several trips to Glasgow with a view to signing for Celtic. Speaking about how close he actually came the Frenchman got cold feet last minute and signed for Newcastle.

“I had the pen in my hands, ready to sign. I just said ‘I need to think about it’.

“I just run away. I was there with Fergus McCann, Tommy Burns was there, they showed me the city.”

Tommy Burns spoke about how he sold the club to David but in the heat of talks when his enthusiasm had won David over, Fergus McCann apparently poured cold water on Tommy’s sell when he pointed out the unglamorous away ties that come with playing in the Scottish League. Something that obviously played on his mind.