A week is a marathon in football terms, and Celtic’s recent journey is a prime example. Last weekend, the sound of boos echoed as Tomoki Iwata was substituted during a tense moment where Celtic were drawing 1-1 with Motherwell.

Fans expressed their frustration, not at Iwata’s performance, but at the decision to pull him off when others seemed ripe for substitution. However, the mood swiftly changed as Celtic clinched the game with two late goals, followed by a resounding victory over Dundee midweek.

Tomoki Iwata, reflecting on the booing incident, shared, “At the beginning I was confused, like, ‘Is it toward me?’ or what? But then I think it was, in a way, a compliment and I take it very well.” He told the Glasgow times.

Brendan Rodgers, Celtic’s manager, later explained his decision was based on Iwata’s recent injury comeback, not performance.

Fast forward, and Iwata is back on the pitch, with Celtic eyeing the top spot if they win at Tynecastle. Last week’s boos have transformed into this week’s cheers, illustrating the fleeting dynamics of fan sentiment..

Celtic’s rollercoaster week from Fir Park’s frustrations to the brink of league leadership is wild, but there are more twists to come.


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