BRENDAN RODGERS has spoken about Dedryk Boyata’s agent who has thrown the toys out of the pram after turning up at Lennoxtown uninvited.

Rodgers spoke about the situation after the 1-0 defeat to Hearts on Saturday – telling the press that Boyata’s agent rocked up to Lennoxtown on the day before a game when the training ground is shut out to everyone and demanded to speak to the manager when he wears preparing his players.

The Celtic manager was rightfully upset about this and refused to see the agent until after he was done with training but told the agent he would speak to him after.

When Rodgers came back after training Boyata’s agent had gone.

It is quite clear Boyata wants out of Celtic and his agent is being obnoxious as possible in order to get a move.

Last night we reported the player had liked Sevilla on social media and liked a comment from a Sevilla fan who was urging him to sign for the Spanish club.


  1. Just let him go. Obnoxious and disrespectful dies not cover the attitudes of the agent or the player. We don’t need the likes of the two at Celtic Park.

  2. Brendan admitted We’ve an opportunity to dispose of him. We should have taken it. We previously had interest in other defenders Izzy, Jozo, etc who have since been found out and now have little or no skill or market value and now we’re stuck with them. We allowed ourselves to be distracted/hypnotised by McGinn. Even if we did want him we wasted an opportunity to raise funds to do so. PVH and PdC adopted similar tactics once their toys left the pram. We cashed them in and moved on. We should do the same in this case with a player who has contributed little in his time with us.

  3. Sell him as quickly as possible,this transfer window is becoming a disaster for us, someone better get a grip soon.The board should issue an apology to the fans for the McGinn fiasco we will never have the chance to sign a player of his calibre for such a low fee.

    • The board should give the reasons why they didn’t secure the McGinn transfer. People could maybe then be able to appreciate the thinking behind the decision, not knowing is always the worst situation as it leaves rumours and made up stories grow and starts unrest and division.


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