DAVIE PROVAN really does say anything for attention, and I know we are giving it to him here but, wow – this sort of statement deserves to be ridiculed for its complete and utter failure of relevance.

Writing in his SunSport column, the ex-Celtic player claimed for whatever reason Brendan Rodgers would love Alfredo Morelos at Celtic Park.

Where do you even start with this? Celtic currently have scored 19 goals so far in 2019 without reply. They have a £9million striker in French Eddy and back up with Burke and Weah. The notion that Brendan Rodgers is looking over the fence thinking ‘ oh, aye, we really could be doing with a complete and utter lunatic in our strike force.’ is crazy.

“Like every other coach in this business, the Ibrox boss would have Jack the Ripper up front if he was good for 25 goals a season.

“Football managers can’t afford principles. Put it this way, you can bet Brendan Rodgers would take Morelos tomorrow given the chance.”

We can’t understand what Provan is getting at. Is he trying to convey how important a player Morelos is to the Ibrox side by bringing Celtic into it for no reason?

The whole quote is bonkers.


  1. What the hell is wrong with ex players why would anybody want a thug like morelos, he gets sent off constantly infact he should be sent off more than he has any player is no good to the team sitting in the stands because you’re a bampot

  2. Well….can you imagine that ‘Davie Provan Talks Shite’

    They could run that headline everyday and it’d be relevant,well,not unless he kept his mouth shut for a day…..any day,would be good.

    Commons,Nicholas,Provan fqn soup takers every last one.And as Tony Mowbray,well am saying nought,safe to say IF I had my way he’d never be allowed into Paradise ever again.


  3. You never know, he might bang them in for us. He certainly doesn’t seem able to bang them in against us though.

    In all honesty though…I’d play Mike Tyson before Morelos…less chance of violent conduct…


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