Speaking on TalkSport on Alan Brazil’s morning show, former Aston Villa man Dean Saunders dropped a dose of reality onto expectant Ibrox fans after initially lavishing his pal Steven Gerrard with praise.

The former player said Gerrard had got closer to Celtic than the previous men in the job but when it came down to the ultimate question about if he could win the title, Saunders got surprisingly coy. Dean made sure not to leave that particular blame at Steven Gerrard’s door if he fails to win the title and is chalking any failure up to Celtic’s finances compared to their Glasgow rivals.

“Steven Gerrard has raised interest in the Scottish game just by going there.” Saunders said as cited by RecordSport.

“It had got to the point where Celtic were just running away with everything and it was about who would finish second.

“Has he got the funds to go and take Celtic on? I don’t think so.”

It’s pre-season, so there’s some amount of people coming out the woodwork to tell us Celtic are looking like underdogs compared to the mighty bears. It’s the same every season and if the title was won on bravado and didn’t hinge on kicking footballs over a period of nine months then they very well could win the thing.

Celtic have put themselves in a powerful position and despite all the talk, they have no desire to lose grip of their dominance this season, or next.


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