KIERAN TIERNEY says it’s hard to switch off from football when he gets home because his whole family are Celtic daft.

Kieran is used to coming home and talking about the game, especially with his dad after going to watch the bhoys from the stands.

Now Kieran is a player, he reveals his Dad still gets on at him when they get home.

“To an extent it is what you want because I’ve always loved Celtic and always talked about them after games when I came home when I was younger.” The defender told Sun Sport.

“Now when I come home my dad is talking about it: ‘What about this, you should have shot, you should have had a goal there’ and all that.

“It’s brilliant. But sometimes you need to switch off from football and concentrate on other stuff and concentrate on training as well.”

Kieran was once famously in a video with his Dad after the Scottish Cup semi-final Celtic went out of under Neil Lennon when he was caretaker manager.

At the time time, a very young Kieran Tierney stood alongside his dad as he declared his bhoy was the future of the first team and the semi-final side had let the fans down.

Going off that video, we wouldn’t like to be in Kieran’s shoes when he goes home after a loss.

Most fans have to listen to their old man play football manager after the game – Kieran has to listen to his actual manager then head home to see what his Dad is saying.



  1. Let’s destroy this stitch up tell the Spfl switch our game , give Hearts a bye to the final as we will standby no longer and watch our fans treated as 2nd class citizens. Foot down no more playing nice tell the Sfa if the thugs aren’t stopped assaulting our players the Scottish Cup and Internationals are next on the withdrawal list. The board must stand up for the Champions.HH

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