LEIGH GRIFFITHS has hilariously responded to a ‘rumour’ posted by someone on Twitter suggesting the player had gone off the rails.

Ian Lancaster Wrote: ‘There’s a rumour going about griffiths is on the sauce and in the bookies gambling hope it’s bs cause griff is awesome’.

Griffiths responded with this.

The amount of speculation surrounding the Celtic striker’s absence from training over the past month has been ridiculous.

From people questioning his injuries to others saying he has gone AWOL.

It’s great to see Leigh still has a sense of humour about it.

The Celtic star has been injured since the international break when the striker came down with a calf injury just a few days into a new fitness regime.

He’s back doing light training and will now look to build himself up to get back to his best and in the Celtic first team.

Hopefully he sticks to the broon sauce!




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