Neil Lennon got asked plenty of questions at full-time last night in Paisley concerning red cards and pyrotechnics. Towards the end of his interview though he was asked about implementing his ideas on someone else’s team, to which he replied;

“I haven’t tried to implement anything, I’ve just tried to keep the structure and philosophy going. We have been winning games so there is nothing really that you want to disrupt”

While it is understandable that Lennon seems to have gone with a “If it is not broke don’t fix it” philosophy, we suggest he needs to implement something if he is to win all the fans over that he is the man for the future. Lennon did say in his very first press conference when he returned to the club his job was to keep the ship steady.

Maybe he got a remit on his appointment to just keep things the way they are. But a large section of the support is not happy with just results, they want to see some football played. A lot of fans have been unhappy with some performances, Celtic are winning games but scraping wins. Maybe Lennon should think about implementing some of his own ideas?


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