Scott Bain’s performance between the sticks last night might have kick-started Celtic fans into a “who is our number one keeper” debate. Many Hoops fans are clearly quick to forget the pure and raw goalkeeping pedigree of one of its own ground staff.

An unknown and unsigned super knight that sprang through the glare of the disco lights at Celtic Park last night. He wore a goalie jacket and disco visor hat. It’s not so much that he handled a wayward shot like a mother does her newborn baby. It’s not even that a shot that went 64 yards over the bar from an over-ambitious Boyata was brought under his spell, it’s the absolute coolness etched on this hero’s face. He makes it look like his bread and butter. Maybe David Hutton should take notes on how it’s done. His kick from his hands wasn’t too shabby either.

This man deserved a packed Celtic Park for his moment. But, it looks like a 200,000 capacity stadium could not have moved this gods steel nerve. At least we have television to replay this eyegasm over and over. Enjoy your 15 minutes brother, you deserve every…….minute.

On a very serious note, we have been running a poll from our social media about your no.1 goalkeeper, feel free to have your say.



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